Occultation Beteigeuze 12.12.2023


Very simple Observation - Even the Video-Funktion of common DSLR are OK

But better is a more sencitive camera like the Sony 7s.

This cam delivers enough senitivity for some experiments.

An other Idea to work in the Light of UV - Maybe it´s possible that we see here a total eclipse. Suitable are Venus-Filters:

Unfirtunately common foto-lenses don´t work in UV. So I´ve testet a Mini-Dobson on a mount together with a B&W-webcam.

Also an idea ist to combine a camera with a spectral-trick filter:

Here a 14mm foto-lense together with an adaptor and some scotsch-tape

This allows to measure the light curve in different lines in the same time!

Old damaged Optics can be an advantage! - because they blur the star and an overexposure is no problem.

If you have only good new digital optics...take a pot of creame: